About Jack Gillum Photography

Red-Eyed Leaf Frog

You pause to witness the beauty of the ocean spray, or you may be mesmerized by the glittering waters of a mountain lake. Warm oranges and pinks of a sunset catch your eye, and the rising mist around a mountain fills you with wonder.

Many people have found nature to be magnificent and awe-inspiring. To capture that brilliance in a photo allows us to see the natural beauty of the world, even if we cannot travel to visit a place ourselves. Truly great photography has the power to transport and inspire us. It lets us not only experience, in a small way, grand and magnificent places, but it also allows us to observe spectacular moments that may happen once in a lifetime.

Decades of Photography Experience

Jack Gillum has been passionate about photography for over 35 years. With each photo, he hopes to inspire others and convey his own admiration of nature. Through his eyes, he aims to have viewers appreciate the grandeur of the great outdoors.

Jack has travelled across the globe looking for extraordinary places and distinctive moments, from the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica and ancient villages in France to the windswept coasts of Scotland and the red sandstone deserts of Utah. Jack is drawn to nature’s beauty and to the cultures and history that are part of every place he travels to.

With Jack Gillum Photography, you can enjoy that perfect scene or that amazing split-second moment all in the comfort of your own living room or the solitude of your office. Take a few moments to browse through his photos and allow yourself to escape to another time and place.

Passion for Beauty

For prints of Jack’s photos, browse through his portfolio and choose your favorites. If you would like to contact Jack, you can reach him at 970-222-1468, or you can email him jgillum1110@gmail.com. You can also message him through his contact page.

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